Specialists in producing videos, audio and television programmes to teach English.

Why Us?

We’ve produced hundreds of hours of video and thousands of hours of audio material, and offer a complete service from script consultation through to final product, in whatever style the client requires. Because we’ve worked on a diverse range of programmes we can offer anything from a talking-head interview to a complete TV series. We’ve specialised in producing English Language Teaching programmes for more than 30 years – Peter Walton was Executive Producer at BBC English for 8 years, before setting up EFS to produce programmes for English language learners of all ages and abilities.

CIM sketch shootVideo Production

Consultation on content and scripts – we can provide scripts if needed.
All pre-production services, including casting, interviewee research, location fixing, scheduling, contracts, licences.
Production with director, crew and cast and, where required, interviewees.
Post production – we have our own Avid in-house edit suite and professional editor.
We communicate with the client at all stages, and will ensure that they are happy with the final result.

Jenny_NigelsingingAudio Production

We also run Motivation Sound Studios and are experienced in working with all aspects of spoken-word recording.. We employ a range of outstanding actors and can supply voices for any requirements. Having our own studio means that we can react rapidly to any requests for changes, updates, and short-notice recordings. And if you want a short video of your audiobook reader in the studio, then we can produce that.

So basically, because we are so experienced we know the most cost-efficient and professional ways of producing material tailored precisely to the requirements of each client.