Specialists in producing videos, audio and television programmes to teach English.

Why Us?

We’ve produced hundreds of hours of video and thousands of hours of audio material, and offer a complete service from script consultation through to final product, in whatever style the client requires.

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Video Production

We provide all pre-production and post-production services - casting, interviewee research, location fixing, editing, scheduling, contracts, licences. We will ensure that they are happy with the final result.

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Audio Production

We run Motivation Sound Studios and are experienced in working with all aspects of spoken-word recording. We employ a range of outstanding actors and can supply voices for any requirements.

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We have many years of experience and happy clients. We know the most cost-efficient and professional ways of producing material tailored precisely to the requirements of each client.

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Examples of our project work


Classical Comics


Cambridge University Press

Robby & Patch Studio

Macmillan Education

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